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July 28, 2021

Railway Links

Feb 12,2018

Other sites with information about miniature railways.

Station Road Steam
List a number of model engineering societies around the country who run miniature railways. Station Road Steam Clubs
Visitors to our railway sometimes ask about where the locomotives come from and how much they cost. Well most of those seen regularly at Avonvale were built by their drivers at the cost of many hundreds of hours of work and are definitely not for sale! However there is a market for locomotives and if you want to see some, look at Station Road steam Locomotives

Miniature Railway World News and information

Miniature Railway Magazine A map of miniature railway locations in the UK

Minor Railways Online Hundreds of club and commercial railways listed.

Sharpo's World Photo Albums  Includes photos of the locomotives at Avonvale.

Cheltenham Society of Model Engineers  A local society with ground level and raised tracks.

Rochdale Society of Model and Experimental Engineers  Lots of information and links.


Feb12, 2018

Hillers Farm Shop   Shop, café and garden shop are open seven days a week.


Feb 12,2018

Avonvale Model Flying Club   Have a flying area at Ragley Hall for all electric and internal combustion powered model aircraft and helicopters.